Price Brothers, Inc. Job Ready Checklist

The following checklist is designed to help ensure that there are no costly delays with your production scheduling process. By referring to each phase-specific checklist and using it to verify that a job is 100% phase ready when our crew arrives as scheduled, Price Brothers Inc. can assure that the plumbing work will be 100% phase complete when we leave (and ready for subsequent trades). Printable version of Job-Ready Checklist


  • Water meter is installed*
  • Correct plan available on jobsite
  • Address/permit is posted
  • Boxes or stem wall foundations are complete
  • Verify that foundation/box is square and measurements are accurate
  • Backfill is completed
  • Saw pole (temporary power) with GFI available
  • Port-A-Jon within reasonable distance from jobsite (per Building Code) 


  • Water meter is installed*
  • Insulation and T-Ply installed where needed on exterior walls
  • Framing complete and punched as correct
  • Address/permit is posted
  • Roof sheathing is completed
  • Stairs and safety rails are installed
  • Windows are installed or fall protection is installed over rough openings
  • Joists headered where toilet or tub drains will hit
  • Floors and walls at tub/showers are level, square plumb and sized correctly 
  • Correct plan available on jobsite
  • Garage floor is poured
  • Port-A-Jon within reasonable distance from jobsite (per Building Code)
  • Water heater location verified
  • All jobs are clean when we arrive


  • Water meter must be installed*
  • Dishwasher and/or disposal are on site
  • All bathroom floor coverings are installed and finished
  • All tub and shower surrounds are installed
  • Kitchen countertops are finished
  • Sink opening cut out or undermount sink is installed
  • Siding is installed so that hose bibs can be installed properly
  • All tub and shower tile or marble walls are installed
  • Water heater platform or attic catwalk with fall protection accessibility is built
  • Garage floor poured with water heater protection installed
  • Interior painting is complete
  • Framing for master bath tub platform is complete where applicable
  • Port-A-Jon within reasonable distance from jobsite (per Building Code)
  • Finished grade in yard so that cleanouts can be lowered

*Note: Water meter is critical for inspection purposes, standpipe for water, etc.