Price Brothers, Inc. Construction Checklist

We at Price Brothers, Inc. are committed to continually improving the manner in which we serve our valued customers. For this reason, we are continuing to hire and train new personnel and adding qualified crews as needed. The following checklist consists of a few things that you, as a builder, can do in order to help us do an even better job of serving your needs and avoiding costly delays. Printable version of Construction Checklist

On Slab Jobs

  • Our crews are trained to pull their measurements off the back corner wall on the non-garage side. Please have your framer do the same just in case your foundation or blueprints are slightly off. Foundations and boxes should be checked to be sure that they are square.

At Frame Stage

  • Please make sure that floor trusses, TGI’s, and floor joists do not hit plumbing fixtures such as toilets, tubs, or shower drain locations. Our crews will notify you when this happens. Please have it moved ASAP or authorize us to cut it so we can install our piping and keep your job moving. Should your carpenter be required to header a joist, please have them make sure the wood does not come in contact with the plumbing. This will ensure that the pipe will not squeak due to expansion when the homeowner moves in.
  • Please do not allow HVAC ductwork to be installed in the crawl space area before the plumbing is installed. There is no advantage to installing the ductwork early, and there will be an additional charge if our crews must work around it.
  • Please be sure that all safety rails and other fall protection are in place before our crew arrives. OSHA regulations do not permit our crews to work in areas without fall protection.

Water and Sewer Lines

  • Locating and connecting to sewer taps is often dangerous and time consuming. Many problems can be prevented during lot development.  Do not disturb paint marks for underground utility locates – it is a timely process to have them return to remark (811 issue).
  • Protection of the developer-installed clean outs on your lots is important because it helps us to locate the sewer tap in a reasonable amount of time. Tap elevations can be checked to avoid having to install a pump system on a home.
  • There is an additional charge for the time required to locate taps, deep taps, or taps located under utilities.
  • Water meters need to be installed as early as possible to have water accessible for testing and inspection at all phases of our work. Protection of the water meter yokes is critical throughout all phases of construction. You will receive written notification should we encounter damaged water yokes, meter boxes or sewer taps.

Plumbing Finals*

  • Please be certain that jobs are unlocked and accessible whenever Final Inspections are called. County inspectors will automatically fail a job that is locked. Please refer to our separate Checklist For Finish Plumbing and additional information regarding the Trim phase of your jobs.
  • Remember, no job is complete and covered under Price Brothers' Warranty until we have finished and thoroughly tested the plumbing system and hung test tag. If you have any doubts as to whether or not this has been done, you may verify this with any of our Operations staff, or check for the test tag on the main water line shutoff valve in the house.  If water is available and the water meter is installed, we will test jobs when we trim out the plumbing. Please remember that any job that we have not tested would be considered an incomplete job. No one else is permitted to turn the water on such jobs without assuming full responsibility. Test outs are done between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Never leave water turned on in an unoccupied house. Please schedule Test Outs at least 48 hours in advance. Test Outs should NOT be emergency calls. PBI crews always shut the water off when leaving an unoccupied house. We ask that you follow this policy as well.


  • If a job will not be ready as scheduled, please notify our office as far in advance as possible to set a new schedule date. Should we arrive on a job and find that it is not ready, it may be days before we are able to return. Providing us with this notice will help to ensure that your job is completed when you need it. You should also receive a schedule reminder email the day before a phase is scheduled.  If you have a schedule change request please reach out to your BSR or use the email to communicate requests.

If you have any questions regarding these or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact your Builder Specialist or our Operations Staff.

*No job is complete and covered under Price Brothers Warranty until we have finished, thoroughly tested the plumbing system and hung a test tag.