Price Brothers, Inc. Builders

Included on this page are links to checklists, manufacturers of products we provide, Cut-out Sizes, contact information, FAQ’s, our Customer Survey, and Builder Newsletters. We hope these links provide you with some helpful information that you may otherwise not be aware of.

Construction Checklist – this document provides general information about the various phases of our work as well as a few things to help you ensure your jobs are ready so that we can complete each phase in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Trim Checklist – this document is provided to give you a list of several items that should be complete before we arrive to complete the trim phase of each house.

Job-ready Checklist – this document is provided to give you a list of several items that should be verified when scheduling each phase of the house to help you ensure that the phase is ready and help prevent any costly delays.

Cut-out Sizes – this is a PDF document that provides cut-out dimensions for many of the drop-in sinks that we use as well as platform size and cut-out information for drop-in tubs in the Master Bath. There is no information regarding undermount sinks as those items are to be delivered directly to the countertop company to ensure accuracy of the cut-out as well as installation of the product.

Manufacturers – this page contains links to many of the manufacturers home pages as well as to pages with detailed product specifications. From there you can find information about tub dimensions, cut-out sizes, warranty information, parts breakdowns, etc.

Contact List – this link provides you with a complete list of our Office and Supervisory personnel. We have also provided a printable version of this list in a PDF format.

FAQ’s – this is to help you find out who to contact here at Price Brothers about various topics.

We sincerely hope that you find the information on this page as well as the rest of our website to be a useful resource. Just as we do in every aspect of our work, we will constantly strive to improve this website in order to help provide you with information that will aid in our efforts to better serve you on the job site.