Price Brothers, Inc. Winterize Plumbing


Freeze Alert!

When temperatures drop below freezing, there are several simple precautions that should be taken to prevent damage to plumbing pipes. Although we suggest you always keep the water shut off in any unoccupied houses, we also recommend that during cold weather months you have the piping drained until warmer weather returns.


Checklist to prevent pipes from freezing and/or bursting:

  1. Turn off the main water supply and open all hose bibs.
  2. Open all inside faucets to give the entire system enough air to drain completely. Close faucets before leaving the house.
  3. Pour a small amount of bio-degradable antifreeze into any toilet bowl or tank that has standing water.
  4. Check unoccupied houses regularly to ensure no other subs, realtors, etc. have turned the water back on.
  5. Please remember that if we have not tested the plumbing system, the job is not considered complete. Call us if you are not sure if the house has been tested before you turn on the water. Our warranty does not begin until the house is completed and tested. Anyone that turns water on in a house that has not been tested by a Price Brothers employee accepts full responsibility for any damages that may occur.


Models and Spec Homes

Close all foundation vents and check for any semi-exposed waterlines in the attic. We suggest keeping the water shut off when models or specs are not occupied in case of a power failure.


If you have a house with frozen pipes . . .

Close all foundation vents, turn up the heat in the house, and open all cabinet doors to help pipes thaw out. If all lines have not thawed before you leave, turn the water off to prevent damage from a possible leak. If a leak is found after pipes have thawed and the house is still under warranty, contact us to schedule a service call.


Remember: Always shut the water off in an unoccupied house.